Traveller’s guide: 6 top attractions to visit in Kuwait

The Middle-East is a region rich in cultural and ecological diversity, and Kuwait is a country that has both in abundance. We spoke to the team at JetSmarter, a premier booking company for private jets, and they let us in on what their customers love to visit while travelling to Kuwait.

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Travel to Kuwait
1. Wafra

Wafra is a burst of greenery within a desert terrain located 113km from the city and has over a hundred private farms. The cobblestone streets of the Farmer’s Market is a hot-spot to buy freshly harvested vegetables and herbs. It’s a refreshing place to picnic, far from the hustle and bustle of the city.
2. Kuwait Towers

Take in the spectacular sights of Kuwait from the Kuwait Towers. The main tower, one of three, is 614 ft. high and is home to a viewing sphere, signature restaurants, cafes and reception halls. The revolving viewing sphere allows visitors to get a panoramic view of the city. These towers have become iconic for the nation.

Travel to Kuwait
3. Kubbar Island

This sandy low-coast island is surrounded by coral reefs and is a favourite spot for scuba divers. Snorkeling in the pristine waters that surround the island offers breath-taking views of the marine life that dwell here. As you stroll on the soft silky sands of Kubbar Island, befriend seagulls, turtles, flamingos and migrating birds that make regular appearances on the island.
4. Souq Al Mubarakeya

The 200 year-old souq was once the centre of trade prior to the discovery of oil, and had even survived foreign invasion in 1990. Souq Al Mubarakeya is a treasure trove of Middle Eastern culture – find Persian silk carpets, authentic Arab antiques, ethnic clothes, perfumes and dates here. There is also a smaller Souq Al Hareem within the market where Bedouin women sell kohl, textiles, accessories and pumice stones.
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5. Al Kout Beach

Perched on the Arabian Gulf, Al Kout Beach stretches for 499 kilometers giving visitors ample space to relax by the sea. There are numerous beach clubs on the shore, along with public beach spaces and parks in the area. Basking under the vibrant Kuwaiti sun, it’s a perfect destination for families and friends to enjoy water sports, or even barbeque on the beach.
6. Tareq Rajab Museum

This museum is something you should not miss if you’re in Kuwait. It houses items collected from across the region and the world over a period of more than 50 years. Some of the pieces include Saudi and Omani jewellery, necklaces from Nepal, pearls from Bahrain and costumes from the far-East. Started as a private collection by Tareq Sayed Rajab and his British wife, Jehan after their travels and research, the museum is most-renowned for Islamic art and calligraphy.
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